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922-00837 – Airborne Immune Support Gummies



Airborne Immune Support Gummies – Airborne Immune Support Gummies provide immune support in a delicious, and easy-to-take gummy form. Each serving -3 gummies- delivers a blast of 1000mg of Vitamin C and 9 other vitamins, minerals, and herbs, including Echinacea and ginger.

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922-00837 ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 2000 IU Vitamin A, 500mg Vitamin C, 400 IU Vitamin D, 30 IU Vitamin E, 1.3mg of B6, 2.4mg B12, 30mcg Biotin, Calcium pantothenate 5mg, magnesium oxide 20 mg, Zinc 8mg, Selenium 35mcg, manganese sulfate 0.5mg

922-00837 INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Proprietary Herbal Blend: Maltodextrin, Lonicera japonica -flower-, Forsythia suspensa -fruit-, Schizonepeta tenuifolia -aerial-, Ginger -Zingiber officinale -root-, Vitex trifolia -fruit-, Isatis tinctoria -root-, Echinacea purpurea -aerial-, Corn syrup, sugar, water, gelatin, natural and artificial flavor, pectin, colors from fruits and vegetables.